Monday, November 12, 2012


My forgetfulness is getting out of hand.  Saturday we had family photos taken and went to lunch with Katy and Brian and the girls...(Bobby had to go back to work.)  I told Maddie we would be at her Award Ceremony for Soccer on Sunday afternoon.  I completely forgot.  I saw this photo on facebook later that day and felt so bad.  Then this morning, I forgot to go to the dentist.  I had it written on my calendar, but went to church and to the store and when I returned home...realized I had forgotten.  (along with a friendly reminder on my voice mail from the dentist office)
I think I am also denying the fact that next week is Thanksgiving.  I was at the grocery store and wondered why they had so many Thanksgiving items out already.  Oh in the moment may get me in trouble....


Rudee said...

You need a better time management program. I use iCal. I write everything down. The important things get an alarm to remind me to get my butt in gear. Don't worry, Brenda. It's just life. You have to wrangle your commitments. I use my phone, my iPad, my laptop all to keep me focused. Once in a blue moon, I make a data entry mistake and then it carries over to all my other calendars, but that's less often than if I'd forgotten to write it down in the first place. I could not live without it! Oh...I also have a notebook organizer I use for seeing patients. It's my memory.

The Bug said...

I'm lucky (?) that I'm at a computer for so many hours of the day - I have reminders on my calendar here at work & at home. Although I'm certainly capable of ignoring them!

But the important thing is to get into a routine of checking the calendar every day. Flylady helped me with that - we had to check our calendars last thing at night & first thing in the morning. I did that part really well - the cleaning part NOT so well. Ha!

I'm trying to stay on top of the holidays for a change, so I definitely know that next week is Thanksgiving. But most years it really sneaks up on me :)

sandy said...

I'm much like you and in fact, I didn't realize until today that Thanksgiving is so close. I forget stuff all the time. She looks adorable up there getting her trophy.

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