Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Poor Turkeys.

The girls are going to spend the next two days with me because they are off school this week.  I will try and get them involved in some of the food preparation.  I hope to put them in charge of the decorations, like making paper turkeys, etc.  As usual....I know I will make too much food.  I have a cheesecake, apple pie and pumpkin pie to make tomorrow.  Wednesday I will make mashed potatoes ahead of time that can bake, and the sweet potatoes.  Turkey, dressing, and salad will be on Thursday.  I am still dieting and none of this food really tempts me.  I have tried to eat regular meals a couple of times when we have gone out to eat....and it just does not have the same meaning it once did.  Drinking a shake is just as good for me.  I just hope that by my 62nd birthday I have a normal weight range and lower blood pressure.  I will be very happy.


RWV said...

I remember our first Thanksgiving at home on Kempton. You preparing the food and me looking at National Geographic articles celebrating the bicentennial of the Revolutionary era - biographies of Franklin, Washington, Adams and Jefferson. (I may have helped stir the stuffing.) And then there were the many years when you cooked for a large gathering of family members - and everyone looked forward to that day because everything you made was so good. I could go on. Hope you don't mind if I read some more history articles in National Geographic on Thursday.

The Bug said...

The whole purpose of Thanksgiving is to have too much food! (Well, & to give thanks too - ha!).

Good for you for not being tempted! Have fun with the girls. And make Bob stir the stuffing again!

Reader Wil said...

Thanksgiving must be a happy occasion in the USA! Of course we don't celebrate this in my country as it is tvypically American, but we should dedicate one or two days a year to giving thanks to all the good things we got in the past year. We are preparing for our Dutch Saint Nicholas festivities on the 5th of December. This is our happiest celebration . It has nothing to do with Christmas, which we also celebrate like you do, but without Father Christmas.

Rudee said...

I am so far behind in my reading this week. I hope your week was fun with the girls, and Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

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