Saturday, November 24, 2012

The day after Thanksgiving we have our opening celebrations on Main Street.  It kicks off with a parade of all the characters at 1:30.  Katy and I and the girls went. We had great parking and were able to watch the parade from the Gazebo. 

I wasn't in the best position to take photos though.  Probably would have been better to be on the street for this.  File that away for next year.  Anyway....I had every bit as much fun as the grands did. 

I think there are over 30 characters who participate in the traditions.  It was cold and we (Katy and I) got tired so we only got to see the few that I took photos of.

Each character gives out cards for the kids to collect. This is Mac Santa.

Here is Kayla excited to get her first card from "Reindeer Flight Instructor"  Maddie is petting the "real" reindeer.  Ha.  As the lady was telling her story...Maddie said...."That reindeer is not real.. is it?"    The lady said.."Oh yes....of course it is real."  Maddie loved pretending it was.

Jack Frost telling them he is the one that puts frost on their windows.  Kayla looks a little confused.

The Sugar Plum Fairy had a cute story to tell.  I don't know how these characters tell these stories all day long and stay in character so well.  I am pretty sure I would slip up here and there.  All that  My throat would be so sore.  They do a great job.

The Ice Queen

They liked playing in the flower garden for awhile.  

This was my favorite part.  Maddie meets Santa's Mail Carrier.

She tells her to make sure she gives Mr Scrooge a big hug because he really loves hugs.  

She patiently waits for him to finish talking to these people.

Then she runs up and hugs him.  
He starts screaming..."What are you doing?!?!"   
We all died laughing....including Maddie. 

Then he asked he to tell him "Who put her up to that."

She snitched that it was the Mail Carrier.  

We will have to go back another day.  It was so much fun!


Rudee said...

Well now, that looks like the perfect way to spend Black Friday! I don't blame Maddie for looking sideways at Jack Frost. He DOES look a little creepy.

RWV said...

Great pictures that tell the story of a wonderful day with the girls. This will be the stuff of their stories to their children some day. Hopefully this tradition will continue.

The Bug said...

What fun! I love all the pics & the girls sure looked like they had a great time :)

sandy said...

well looks like they had a ball - and the girls are such cuties.

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