Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bob's Office

Today we drove over to Bob's office because he forgot his glasses...both pairs. 
 I haven't been there in...years? (I can't remember when)

The most updated thing he has in this 27 inch Apple iMac.

The building has a musty smell and he has been burning these candles.

He was so excited a few weeks ago when he discovered this book holder 
that his Mom gave him in college. His excitement came when he realized it makes a great stand for his iPad, which he can then use while working at the iMac. An interesting marriage of old and new technology, and chocked full of sentimental value, to boot.

His wall decor is of photos that Katy took a long time ago. 
 And a calendar of her photos that she has made for him at Christmas.


A photo collage of the major philosophers of the Western World. He jokes to visitors that this is a picture of his college fraternity members. The seniors are on the top row - they were always 'stoned'.

I think his office needs some serious updates.  
He works really hard....and deserves a nicer environment. 
 It needs a real feng shui overhaul.

Name tags

A plant that is about 30 years old...with no fresh dirt.
The stool it sits on was once my "Time Out" stool for our kids when they were little.

The phone that he uses to try and keep all the customers happy.  
It needs something...more upbeat around it.

This office is me.
So I will show some before and afters as I try to encourage him to make some changes.  Any and all decorating advice will be considered.

PS.  We do have a sense of humor.
PSS.  The idiot that took these photos forgot to take the B&W filter off.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mitch Rapp

If  any of Vince Flynn's books become movies....I was trying to figure out who could play Mitch Rapp.  I ran across this fella on Pinterest.  He might work.  Either him or some one that hasn't been discovered yet.  His latest book seems to go into more detail about his black hair and black I don't know of many famous actors that have those features. 

And....I really wish I had never ran across Pinterest.  I know my daughter warned me it was a huge time waster....but..I never knew how much time I would waste looking at stuff...I will never own....or food I will never make...or well..all of it.  But it is a good way to just veg-out if you can limit the time spent there.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


photo from How Things Work site

Today I went in for an MRI on my right knee.  It was not unpleasant at all.  It took about 30 minutes or more, but they give you a warm blankie, a panic button to hold, earplugs, and headphones with music choices from Pandora.  I choose Adele, but only heard 2 of her songs.  If I have another one...I think I may ask for Gregorian Chants or maybe some Enya.  At one point...something about one of the songs caused me to tear up (I have been doing that a lot lately) and I realized I could not wipe the tears away because you can't move.  While I was lying there I thought about writing a poem...but after it was all over...I forgot what ever it was that I was thinking about.  I have been suffering lately with panic attacks again....and wondered if I would be able to get through this..but I did...and it was fine.  No attacks. Whew.    I am hoping the MRI will tell us what is wrong with the knee...and that it can be fixed.. so that I can start exercising a little more again.  As it is right now...if I stand on it for more than an hour it swells up and is very painful.  Sometimes, I have trouble sleeping because I can't find a comfortable position.
I still have not heard about my blood tests that I had a couple of weeks ago.  It usually doesn't take this long for the I will have to call the office and see what happened.  I went to the nurse practitioner for my annual checkup this time...and she gives me the feeling she has a fear of touching people.  It is just not what I am used to.  When she places the stethoscope on me...I can not feel it touching me.  Maybe she has dog hearing.  Also when she touched my ankles...I could not feel her touch.  Very strange.  Maybe she just "thought" the results to me and I didn't catch the vibes....  Ok...I know I am being a smart forgive me....I am just practicing how to speak more directly...and not hold things inside.  My self diagnosis of my panic that I don't verbalize my feelings in the right way.  Also...negativity from the news...etc. tends to tighten my muscles up...and before I know body is in a ball of tight knots.  I am hoping to get away for a few days so that I can just chill out and do some meditating.  I have been searching on line for some silent retreats.  I think those are usually done with a group...but I am just looking for myself...and have not found any place that is just for a single person for a couple of days.  Off to do some more searching....

If anyone reads this post...let me know if you have trouble reading it with this template.    I am wondering if that background is too distracting.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man Flu...who knew???

I never browse around on You Tube, and the only time I see things there.. are when I have been directed there... through someone else.  I saw this on Dana's blog the other night...and laughed hysterically.  You know how sometimes...when you have been kinda bummed out or just not feeling all that chipper and then all of a sudden....something hits your funny bone...and you just can't stop the hysterical laughing....well...that was me the other night when I saw this.

I just had to add that my husband rarely.. if ever gets sick and if he does he goes about his business as usual .  He has never missed work...that I remember.. or any other activity or commitment because of illness.  I on the other hand....have had this man flu...even though they Say women can't catch it.  I caught it somewhere.....

Happy Birthday Bob

Yesterday was Bob's birthday and we had our little family here to celebrate. 
I had baked the cakes earlier and let them cool.  

Maddie and Kayla helped Mom ice them and decorate them.

 All other photos of the evening...were very...non-posed.  Little Kayla was not feeling well.  It sounds like her croup is back.

I know that Bob appreciates his family being with him on his Birthday and holidays...more than big parties and presents.  Bob and Bobby and Brian watched hockey.  Couldn't tell you if they won or not...but I over heard a lot of guy talk about hockey...

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Wow...I can not believe how much I enjoyed the Grammy's this year.  There were so many performers that are from my youth.  I felt like I was having a party at the nursing home and rocking out with Sir Paul at the end.!

Tony Bennett can still sing as good as he did when he was young.  How can that be??  I thought singers lost their ability to sing certain notes as they aged.  Maybe that is more for the singers who hit a lot of the very talented Adele..who was "Rolling in The Deep" with Awards. 

The Beach Boys singing with Adam Levine was a real treat also.  I can still remember listening to them in my room as a teen.  Their songs seem kind of corny by today's standards, but I still love them.
I was really hoping that Stevie Wonder would have kept going with his harmonica.  And the commercials were really creative!  There were just a few parts of the show that I could have done without...but now I have to see how I can get a copy of it.  And enjoy it all again!  Great show.


Bob and I went  to Barnes and Noble for coffee and some browsing.  Boy...was it ever crowded!  The first store we went to was so crowded we had to leave.  Books stores are still very popular spite of the closings of some stores.  We  relocated over to the Chesterfield store and were able to sit at a nice comfy table.  I have been wanting to go to the St. Louis Anselm Parish for awhile now, because Bob had gone a few times and told me about the architecture.   I thought it was really beautiful.  It was a different experience for me.  The inside was  a circle...with the altar in the middle.  The arches let in a lot of natural light.  Bob reminded me of how many of our structures have arches...aside from the obvious one.  The St. Louis Arch. 

These photos were taken by Bob during prior visits.

Our old Busch Memorial Stadium had arches at the top to compliment our Gateway to The West Arch.
The photo below is of Lambert Airport.  I got the photo from Wiki Commons.  Look at the older cars.  This was taken in the 70's or early 80's.

The picture below is a Monastery in Portugal.

I found a few more interesting photos of arches around the world..but blogger is not cooperating right maybe another time. little kitty keeps trying to put her 2 cents in by playing with the keyboard and mouse....

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever