Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drive Through Surgery

My surgery was not that far off... from what this photo looks like.  I was supposed to have been called 24 hours in advance to tell me what time I was to be there and about when the surgery would begin.  I had to call them at 3 pm the day before.  I had my daughter talk to my Dr.'s nurse because she knows a lot more about medical stuff than I do being an OT.  The nurse told her that I would have very little recovery time.  I would only be limping for a couple of days.  No PT.  No need for crutches.  She said that would be overkill.  We thought that sounds GREAT!  I arrive the next morning at 7:45 and check in.  They called me back pretty quickly to get the assembly line started.  If I were going to guess...I would say that there were about 20 or more emergency room style curtained off areas.  I got in my booth and the workers began, in a very organized fast paced fashion.  My Dr. barely stuck his head in the booth...and asked me if I had any questions...but he gave me the look of ...Just say No.  So I said no.  The anesthesiologist was the only one that really spent some quality time with me.  He asked me about all the other surgeries I had had and weather or not I had ever had any trouble with the anesthetics before.  I told him I woke up during a surgery once..a c-section when I was having the twins.  He said that was pretty common because they have to be careful with babies getting too much of the effects from it.  But I should have no problems today.  He would make sure I didn't wake up.  We were told that Bob would come back right before I went in to surgery.  They started to put the knock out drugs into my IV before they asked if I had seen Bob.  I told them I hadn't seen him and that he was expecting to be called back to see me.  One nurse said...Well we were getting ready to just wheel you you still want to see him.  I guess me seeing him would have messed up their efficient schedule.  I said well...I don't HAVE to see him I guess, but can someone at least go talk to him and give him my glasses.  I found out later that the nurse told him that I didn't want to see him.  Can you imagine how he must have taken that slap on the face.  Boy are they ever going to hear from me about that one!  I was out as soon as I transferred to the operating table.  I woke up just feeling really dopey.  They had allowed an hour for me to sit there and recover before being sent home.  I don't know how long I was there but I told them I thought I was ready to go home.  I had already talked to my Dr.  I asked him how big the tear was and he said big enough to cause me problems.  He also said he smoothed out my arthritis and to come in and see him on Monday. They went to fetch my clothes and brought back the wrong ones.  They brought back the wrong ones 2 more times.  Then they told me my clothes were locked in a locker that they didn't have the keys for.  They searched everywhere for the keys.  Couldn't find them.  Finally the anesthesiologist went to get a hammer and bang it open.  He was banging away for at least 15 minutes before they finally retrieved my clothes.  The nurse said "This has never happened before."  Did you bring back luck with you?  I said...Yep...that is the story of my life."  I felt okay for about an hour or two when I got home.  When the drugs they gave me wore off...I was in excruciating pain.  I couldn't move ANYTHING without something hurting.  It was the kind of pain where your teeth chatter and your body shakes and sweats.  I could not walk to the bathroom or even sit up without pain.  Bob had to put me in an office chair and push and pull me to the bathroom.  That could not have been easy on carpet. ...given how overweight I am.  He has stayed by my side waiting on me and getting me everything I need.  I would NEVER consent to doing this again in this way.  I should have been in a hospital with a catheter and bedpans, and some really potent drugs.  WHY are they doing these drive through surgeries???  Our health care has really gone down the drain......   At the pace of recovery I am experiencing...I don't think I can keep the appointment on Monday.  I may have to take the stitches out myself.  The weirdest thing about all of that the Dr and nurse assured me there was very little recovery time.  Crutches would be overkill?  There must really be something wrong with me if everyone else is breezing through these "in and out" surgeries...and I am not.  I hope for all the people who do searches on drive through surgeries...that they find my blog post and read this and know that if they experience what I have....they are NOT the only one that did not breeze through this surgery the way the Dr and Nurse said they would.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The World of Cats...

 Well..if anyone that has cats in the house can give me some advice on training them NOT to get on the tables and sink...please share.  I am constantly wiping off these areas when I prepare food...but really...I wish she would just stay off of the food area.  She is super cuddly and cute though....

Monday, March 5, 2012

Well Mannered Men

I think I take for granted sometimes how well mannered my husband is.  He always opens the door for me and shuts it.  He steps aside at Mass for me to go ahead of him when we go up to receive the Eucharist.  He always washes the dishes after I have prepared a meal.  And he holds the umbrella over me when it is raining.

I found these images from a blog called  "The Art of Manliness"   The first photo looks kinda strange to me.  She looks scared or something.  The blog said shocked.  Anyway.... I think my husband's Mother brought him up right.  He is very well mannered.  Even after 35 years together.
I see so many  rude men out and about these days.  They not only do not show respect for women...they don't show much respect for anyone.  Maybe that group of men ...that are just selfish and disrespectful...have always been around....I am just grateful that I am not married to one. 
I have been watching the last season of Mad Men to get a refreshed memory for the new shows that start on March 25th.  I enjoy reliving the 60's.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Happened to the ORIGINAL..

I bought a bag or Werther's Original butterscotch candy last week.  I don't buy them very fact I can't remember when I bought them last.  Maybe it has been years.  Something about them was just not right...I thought they were just a hard candy .Guess what...they are now soft and chewy...and they don't last as long that way.  So I eat more of them.    Here is what I found out on Wikipedia...

Originally available only in the hard form, sweets are now also available as 'chewy toffees', as well as a soft form that resembles wax, which melts easily inside the mouth called 'Caramelts'. A variant with chocolate filling is also available. There are also three sugarfree variants including the original caramel flavour, a caramel coffee swirl, and a caramel mint swirl. There is much confusion regarding whether Werther's are caramels or butterscotch. They are properly described as butterscotch due to their hard consistency. Werther's Caramelts may be an exception in so far as they are chewy.
A recent release (at least in the UK) is Werther's Chocolate; dark and milk chocolate sold in the same packaging and wrappers as Werther's Originals but instead of hard sweets, there is chocolate with butterscotch running through it.

I like the hard solid candy better.  They should have changed the name maybe Werther's Original Caramelts...not to be confused with Werther's Originals. 
Ok...just another gripe session here.  sorry.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever