Friday, March 23, 2012


I woke up this morning to a nice surprise in my mail box. Sandy sketched this cute drawing of our cat, Waterpool.  I love it!  Thanks for doing this Sandy.  I really enjoy seeing all of her work, so I am honored to have her sketch one for me.  I especially love the sketches she does with stories that go with them. 

For those of you who may just be visiting from her site...Waterpool was one of a litter of five from a Mom that hung out here with her babies. about a year ago.  We started to have a lot of feral cats around in the past year or so.  When the Mom was finished nursing, I took her into Sterile Feral and had her fixed.  I released her back and only saw her once more after that.  The kittens still hung around and I kept feeding them.  I became attached to one that would let me pet her.  Waterpool.  Here is a photo of me holding her outside.

I eventually took her into the Humane Society and we gave her shots and sterilization, thinking as gentle as she was...she would make someone a really good indoor pet.  I think deep down I knew that someone was going to be me.  She was still an outdoor cat though for awhile.  An argument with the neighbors, who didn't like all the stray cats roaming around, was what led me to bring her indoors.  I trapped the others and took them into Animal Control.  I vowed to never feed anymore outside cats because it caused so much trouble with the neighbors.  The cats  never bothered us.  We enjoyed observing their behavior and their visits to our back door.  Our grand daughter Maddie who is 4 years old really loved them all from a distance...because she had had severe allergy reactions to cats in the past.  We would let her pet them outside sometimes if she came in and washed her hands right away.  She is the one who named them all. 

Laura Lush

Waterpool and Smokey and their Mother.

And last but not least...Pinkfoot.

This litter originally had 5 but after a little while we only saw 4.
There have been others that just passed through sometimes and their names became, Tiger Barn Cat, Figaro,  Raccoon Cat, Oreos, maybe a few more that I can't think of right now.

Another strange twist on this post is to say that.. Waterpool got out last night and Bob saw her this morning but when he opened the door she ran off.  I am hanging out here today, hoping she will return inside.  She has been eying some birds outside and even making noises that sound like bird noises.  I guess her desire to check them out was overwhelming and she got out...but none of us saw her leave.  I sure hope my little silky haired friend comes home soon......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Styles

I was going through my closet and found some old books that I think I will be pitching.  I think the only reason I bought this many years ago... at an antique store... was because I liked this bat wing sweater.  I still kind of like it.  But look at the other stuff.....

Did any  man really wear these?!?!?!   Really?  I think just the fellas that posed for the photo.

Or this headwear?  It looks really heavy with that gigantic pompom at the end.

Looks like a fish net hat.  I can't believe anyone really wore these things. 
 I could not find a date for this book...but at 25 had to be a really long time ago.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So happy it is officially Springtime!  With my knee still in recovery...I have not been able to get out and enjoy it yet, but I did go to Costco and found these cute dresses for the girls.  Maddie is now able to pick up Waterpool and carry her around all the time.  Waterpool is really good with them.  We got super lucky again with a wonderful pet.  I absolutely LOVE this kitty and so do the kids.  I can't wait to start doing some gardening and planting some flowers and walking around Shaw's Garden and the Zoo.  Hopefully my knee will be better in another month.  If not...I will just get a wheel chair and go.  Today I was able to watch the girls by myself and we had a great time.  Not much else to talk about right now.    Just wanted to move past the Irish post....

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever