Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grammy Day

Yesterday was quite an adventure with the kiddos.  The day started out with Maddie and Kayla being very excited that it was Grandma Day.  I usually try to think of something "out of the ordinary" for them to do and this day we had a ."Fancy Up Grandma" day.  I let them paint my nails with watercolor pencil and they loved that.  It was so cute I wish I had a picture of it.  Maddie colored every finger and toe on my right side a different color and Kayla did the left side.  Kayla wasn't strong enough to make the color stay on the nail but she sure had fun trying.  For every nail she colored she would get the finger in position for coloring and ask me..."Are you ready Grandma?"  Then they attempted to put a little makeup on me with the a blush brush.  I banned the eye makeup for obvious reasons.  Then they styled my hair by brushing it a thousand times (exaggerated) and putting lots of big clips all over it. They went in my closet and chose a red sleeveless blouse with brown sweatpants for my ensemble.  I did allow Maddie to take a picture of me...but there is no way that I would ever show anyone what I looked like.  At one point Maddie was playing with my "Worry People" and had them on the ledge in the bathroom.  I asked her to put them back because Waterpool might eat them.  She didn't put them away when I asked her to...but later I heard her talking to herself and saying..."Come on you frustrated people...get back in your box."  Ha..
Fancy Up Grandma took about an hour or so and then we proceeded to have lunch...toasted of their favorites.   After lunch, they reluctantly.. went up to take a bath.  Kayla was willing to get out when she was finished...but Maddie refused to get out when I asked her to.  She started humming... pretending she could not hear me at response to my asking her questions or anything.  I asked Kayla..."What's wrong with Maddie ..she doesn't seem to be able to hear me".  Then Kayla started humming and ignoring me.  I let it slide for awhile and then I had to take a firmer approach.  I told Maddie I was going to have to call her Daddy and tell him she wouldn't listen to me.  Bad move on my part.  It just made me look silly and did nothing to help the situation.  I was starting to feel like the frustrated worry people.  Where had all the experience of child rearing gone.  I have raised 2 children and I was a stay at home I acquired a lot of experience at these situations.  I had to resort to loud counting.  I got to a loud 3 when Maddie finally snapped out of her "ignoring me.. humming world".  She said..."My Mommy counts to 10, and my Daddy counts to 3, and I don't know what number my Grandpa gets to before I go in time out....what number are you going to Grandma?"   By this time....I was getting pretty tired so I asked for a movie or show break..trying to encourage them to take a short nap so that I could recharge a little.  They turned back into the sweet angels I know they really are for the next few hours and then Mommy came home.......

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today was my 3 week checkup for my knee surgery.  I am still not 100%....and it is not likely that I ever will be.  Because of my arthritis and joint problems...this may be about as good as it gets.  He asked me if I wanted to go to Physical Therapy but I really can't afford it.  I found some "on line" exercises for knee surgeries like I had and I think I will start those tomorrow.  Living in a home with stairs, I think, gives me enough therapy..but I could be wrong.   The Dr. did say that it should continue to get I hope he is right.  In the mean time I have found that Aleve is a very big help.  I have found myself experiencing... just a little bit... of what it must be like to have a handicap....and I can see that it must be very frustrating.  There are a lot of things that I just can't do yet.  Like bend down on my knees and pull weeds or do some of the pool maintenance....I just have to watch it being unkempt... until I can get someone to help me.  On the other hand...I thoroughly enjoy just sitting around and knitting and reading and napping.  I have gained another 10 lbs I need a miracle to get all of this fat off of my body  Dieting and exercise have failed me in the I am hoping for a miracle of some kind.
My knitted shawl has been frogged 3 times because I was not  reading the chart right.  I am now putting it on hold until May when I take a class at our yarn shop on Mondays.  We will be working on a similar pattern and after I complete that...I am confident that I can complete the one I started.  I really do think I could just sit and knit for the rest of my life.  My unfinished quilts are calling my name also.  Poor things.....someday...someday.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever