Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sewing with Waterpool

Here is our little Waterpool looking through the sewing machine as I tried to sew this morning.  She was very interested in what the contraption was all about.  She showed no fear what-so-ever.

She even brought me her mouse.  She often brings them to if she has offered me a piece of gold.  She likes to share...I think.  I find these little mice in closets...under the stove...behind a door...every where.  At first I thought she wanted me to collect them for her so she could play with them.  I found out though...that hiding them in these places is all part of her game.   By taking them out of their hiding places...I had spoiled her fun.  I just try to make sure she has at least 2 at a time to play with.  Best cat toy ever...and only a couple of bucks for a package of them.

I am happy to have my sewing room back in working order...but I may have to bring a water bottle here to threaten her with.  She tries to steal my I have laying out.  The water bottle trick worked on the kitchen counters.  I only had to spray her feet once and now when she sees the bottle she gets down.  She still gets on counters and everything...but if I have the bottle handy and pick it up...she gets down.

Kayla wanted to be "Kayla the Cat " Waterpool's bed.  It is refreshing to watch the grand kids play at this age.  They are so innocent and have such an adventurous spirit.  The quilt in the background is Maddie's that I started a couple of years ago.  I need to put one more row on and then hand quilt it...which may take another 2 years.  Then I need to make one for Kayla.  Rediscovering all of my quilt books has been fun.  I want to make so many quilts!  I also have some dress up costumes I am going to make for the girls.  They are at a perfect age to want to dress up. 

Today we went to Maddie's first dance recital.  She did great!  The little kids are so cute and so fun to watch.  Before we went to the recital....they were watching a TV show while having their lunch.  I walked through the room in time to see a little boy balancing a spoon on his nose and standing on one leg.  Maddie looked at Kayla and said..."Wow....."  Like she was really impressed.  It just sounded so grown up like.  I will be hoping though...that she is not going to be too fooled by those little trickster boys...and go more for the nerdy ones.  A Grandma can dream....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting my mojo back....

Unlike Waterpool....I have been feeling a little more energetic lately.   (Actually these photos are deceiving...she has tons of energy...more than me.)  She just looked so cute on my lap one evening...I had to snap a picture of her.    I have finally reorganized my sewing room and at least now know where most things are.  That leaves me with no excuse for not starting on my many many projects that have been waiting for me.  I also have a large stash of yarn next to my chair in the bedroom for evening knitting.  I have not made any progress on that yet...even though I work on  something most evenings.  I have been ripping everything out...because I am finding too many mistakes.  A perfectionist that just can not make a perfect item...sigh.

Today I was able to get out and pull some weeds, do a little pool cleaning stuff and catch up on some wash and will now go start the ironing.  I think I did some other stuff...but have already forgotten...and am so easily distracted....I ended up here on the computer trying to catch up on mail and blogs.

Getting easily distracted seems to be happening to me way too often.  In my mind...I sometimes have these great thoughts...sometimes about writing a children's book and illustrating it myself.  That is my one make money off of it... if I could (big dream.....I know) so that we could have money to retire on. We have been thinking about retirement and wondering when it will really happen.  Our bodies and minds say...NOW....but our bank account says...maybe never...  I wonder if we will be able to come up with a plan in the next say....5 years.  Sure hope so!  Retirement for Bob will be not going to work and not getting a pay check.  For me....I don't really know what it means...  Maybe using all the things I already have and not buying anything else?  We shall see....I used to think that being 61...and thought it  would be different than what it actually is now that we are that age.  Being happy and content with what we have should be enough for anyone at any age...I would think.  Which I am...but I still like to whine sometimes...

Isn't she cute?!?  She is so soft and cuddly.  I just love her!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever