Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well..I have to say that last nights premiere of  "Dallas" was not all that disappointing to me.  I will most likely continue to watch it.  It is filled with good vs evil....JR being evil and Bobby being good.  Now they have their grown sons to take over the show.  I predict that will  happens after a season or two.  With an occasional visit from the old folks here and there.  I am not sure if the show made me feel young or old.  I felt old just seeing how old JR and Bobby look.  Young because...well 30 years ago when I watched it I was young.  Sometimes I can not believe I am 61....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Television 2012

Television has really gone downhill in my opinion.  Of course it is possible that as I have aged...there just isn't anything that excites me all that much.  At least...not what younger people can find interesting.  I remember when we signed up for AT&T U-verse...the two young people selling it asked what we liked to watch.  For myself...I said not much really but we have to have sports channels for the guys.  So we got basic channels and sports.  I remember her asking me if I liked to watch the cooking channels. .She seemed surprised when I told her I never watch them.  I told her I had been cooking for 40 or more years.  I have no interest in it anymore.  She asked if I liked Jersey Shores...I told her I had no idea what that was. about Reality Shows?     No.    AMC, TNT, TBS and an occasional History Channel show are the only ones I watch.  I really like "Mad Men" on AMC.  I used to like "The Office" on NBC......but it has lost a lot the past year... I think. They were starting to cross over a line for me on some of the shows....that I found offensive.   I started watching that show when it first started and got involved in some  of the characters...kind of like a soap opera....every bit as humorous as the soaps.  Tonight there will be a revival of "Dallas." on TNT.  I am planning on watching it and maybe recording the series.  I watched all of the shows back in the 80's.  I hope it is better than what I have seen to watch here lately.  One other soap opera I like is a daytime one called "Young and Restless"  I think I have watched that off and on for as long as it has been on.  If you miss a few isn't all that hard to figure out what is going on. 
In my opinion.....I wish these shows would disappear...(especially from the young eyes of kids that come home from school and stay alone until Mom or Dad get there.)

1.  Maury..."You ARE the father"....I don't know the name of the show.  I call it the bleep..bleep show because most of what you hear are bleeps.  I think they are trying to find out who the father of the babies are....really??!?!?!
2. The Slithering Snake dancers...don't know the name of the show.  It is women and men...looking weird and acting like demonic snakes....lots of bumping and grinding and who knows what.  Looks revolting to me.
3.  All of the Judge shows.  Why do people want to watch court shows...just wait to be called up for jury duty.
4.  Soap Operas..except for  Kids under 18 should be playing basketball outside or something.
5. Dr. Phil.  He is worse than the evening news.  I really don't want to know about all of the world's problems.  Give me something to feel happy about...Dr. Phil.  His voice also annoys me for some reason.

There are probably a lot more that I could list here....on shows that don't interest me.  But ...need to get busy and quit whining.

Tune in tomorrow for my review on "Dallas."

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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