Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing Up

Just a few photos of the kids today.  Kayla is playing in my jewelry drawer.  This is something that both girls love to do.  Sometimes we have "Beauty Shop" day and get all dolled up..  Well...they do anyway.

Maddie loves to wear our glasses for some reason.  I hope that she never HAS to wear them.  My daughter and I have worn them since 2nd grade.  I had my final eye visit today from my surgery.  I go back one more time for the final study exam in September.  Then I am contemplating whether or not I want to get my left one fixed or just wear glasses.

In one more week Bob and I will be taking a vacation on a bus with some of our church members with our favorite priest.  He recently left our parish to be Vice Rector for Cardinal Glennon College.  He is still going to host our trip though.  This young man is so special...he radiates the Holy Spirit like I have never experienced before.  I feel so blessed to be able to go with him on this trip, because I don't know when we may see him again after this.  He planned a trip for us to Wisconsin.  I have never been I am looking forward to it....and I am hoping it will be a little cooler there.  We have been in triple digits for so long.

Maddie has been asking me about dying and I answered her questions the best way I knew how.  She said she never wants to die and she wants to stay the age she is right now.  She is a really happy little girl.  She wakes up nearly every morning with a cheerful attitude.  I hope she stays cheerful her whole life.  I think there are a few of us humans who have that quality.  I know I haven't been blessed as  one of them.  I am a bear until I have had a couple cups of coffee...and then not much for conservation until maybe 10 a.m..  Have to go have some more conversations with the Magnificent Maddie. She is a real chatterbox...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Past Couple of Days

 Yesterday we all went over to Brian and Katy and the girls new home being built.  They are all so excited to see it progress.. and we are excited to see where they will be raising their family.  I am hoping that there will lots of nice children in the neighborhood for them to play with.  The photo above is a playroom (sun room) that will house.. all of their toys and things, with hopefully a swing set outside the door.  They have been wanting one for awhile now.  Katy and Brian are good about taking them to the park and other places where they can do all of the outdoor things kids love to do.  I used to take Maddie to the park pretty often, but with two to watch...I just don't do that anymore.  They have been in a pre school setting a couple days a week also and they always take them outdoors.  Grandma does inside activities with them and occasionally takes them to the Zoo or Library.

This will be Kayla's room.  
She is really excited to have her own room.  
I think she wants to have a ballerina  decor.  

And here is Maddie's room.  
I think she said she wanted a rainbow room 
but has recently changed it to Angelena Ballerina..  (A character on TV)

Bob was able to take a swim and Waterpool and I were looking out the window.  I decided to try and take a photo.  Believe it or not...we haven't used the pool much this hot summer.  Bob has been swimming before work and in the evening.  I had the surgery and still can't swim for another week.

The kids always want to swim but have to have a willing adult or two to be with them.  I am not sure why we are all so busy...or whatever... to go out there...but it should be getting  more use than it is.  I remember loving hot days and loving to go out there and swim and float.  I would hang on to those memories and they would get me through the winter. is only the 1st of I should be getting out there again soon.  I think I may get my other eye operated on...but not until September, after I have completed the study they are doing on my right eye.

Not a very good photo of Waterpool watching through the window at Bob swimming.  I have asked my daughter to take some professional photos of Waterpool and of our son.  I haven't had a good picture of him for a long time.  I have lots of good ones of Katy and Brian and the girls.  I cherish them all.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever