Friday, October 19, 2012

Take me out to the Ballgame...

If the Cardinals win tonight, we will be playing against the Detroit Tigers.  Not being a really big baseball fan,  I never know anything about the opposing teams until the playoffs.  Like the players on the San Francisco Giants.  I started looking up some of the ones I see the most on the screen.  Pence looks really I looked him up first.  Found out he makes some serious money.  He has only had 5 years of experience and makes $10.4 million a year.  Wow!  They have a good pitcher, Tim Lincecum, a 2 time Cy Young winner... and he makes $18.250 million a year.  If we go on to play the Tigers...they have a few well paid players also.  I am becoming more and more interested in the "World of Baseball."  My husband and son have always collected baseball cards, and I can see why.  They have all the stats on the back of the cards.  When those two start talking is like they are talking another language to me.  All those RBI and blah blah blah.  (Yes...I do know that RBI is Runs Batted In)  but all the others...don't know.  But....maybe my lack of knowledge is a good thing.  I get really excited when our team wins....but in a child  like innocent way.  I just see a lot of happy faces when they win...and lots of excitement.  And I feel compassion for the other team, because they look so sad.  (Except the Boston team...but that is purely personal....and a story for another day.)  Anyway....can't wait to watch the game tonight! favorite Cardinal players are Yadi Molina and David Freese.  Reasons:  They work hard for their team!  Lots of other players do too...but for some reason those two stand out for me.  Amateur baseball fan signing off for now.......
Let's Play Ball!

 I borrowed the following info from Wikipedia,

This table refers to the salary for 2012 alone, not the overall average value of the contract. Salaries listed are according to the USA Today salary database.[15]
A dark skinned man wearing a grey baseball uniform and black batting helmet takes a right-handed baseball swing.
Vernon Wells was the highest paid player not on the Yankees in 2012, and second-highest overall.
Name Position Team(s) Salary Ref
Alex Rodriguez 3B New York Yankees $30,000,000 [16]
Vernon Wells OF Los Angeles Angels $24,187,500 [17]
Johan Santana SP New York Mets $23,145,011 [18]
Mark Teixeira 1B New York Yankees $23,125,000 [19]
CC Sabathia SP New York Yankees $23,000,000 [20]
Joe Mauer C Minnesota Twins $23,000,000 [21]
Prince Fielder 1B Detroit Tigers $23,000,000 [22]
Adrian Gonzalez 1B Los Angeles Dodgers $21,857,142 [23]
Cliff Lee SP Philadelphia Phillies $21,500,000 [24]
Miguel Cabrera 3B Detroit Tigers $21,000,000 [25]
Carl Crawford LF Los Angeles Dodgers $20,357,142 [26]
Justin Verlander SP Detroit Tigers $20,100,000 [27]
Roy Halladay SP Philadelphia Phillies $20,000,000 [28]
Ryan Howard 1B Philadelphia Phillies $20,000,000 [29]
Felix Hernandez SP Seattle Mariners $19,700,000 [30]
Carlos Lee LF Miami Marlins $19,000,000 [31]
Alfonso Soriano LF Chicago Cubs $19,000,000 [32]
Carlos Zambrano SP Miami Marlins $19,000,000 [33]
Barry Zito SP San Francisco Giants $19,000,000 [34]
Torii Hunter RF Los Angeles Angels $18,500,000 [35]
Tim Lincecum SP San Francisco Giants $18,250,000 [36]
Jason Bay OF New York Mets $18,125,000 [37]
Ichiro Suzuki RF New York Yankees $18,000,000 [38]
Josh Beckett SP Los Angeles Dodgers $17,000,000 [39]
Jake Peavy SP Chicago White Sox $17,000,000 [40]

Career earnings

An African American man in a white baseball uniform with "GIANTS" on the chest takes a left-handed baseball swing as a catcher kneels behind him to receive the pitch.
Though retired since 2007, Barry Bonds' career earnings of over $188 million still ranks fourth highest overall in MLB history.
Earnings up to date as of the end of the 2011 season.[E]
Name Team(s) Position Years Earnings Ref
Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
New York Yankees
SS, 3B 1994– $296,416,252 [16]
Derek Jeter New York Yankees SS 1995– $220,159,364 [41]
Manny Ramirez Cleveland Indians
Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays
LF 1993– $204,807,069 [42]
Barry Bonds Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants
LF 1986–2007 $188,245,322 [43]
Randy Johnson Montreal Expos
Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Yankees
San Francisco Giants
SP 1988–2009 $175,550,019 [44]
Gary Sheffield Milwaukee Brewers
San Diego Padres
Florida Marlins
Los Angeles Dodgers
Atlanta Braves
New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers
New York Mets
RF 1988–2009 $168,008,550 [45]
Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves 3B 1993– $155,552,133 [46]
Greg Maddux Chicago Cubs
Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
SP 1986–2008 $153,845,000 [47]
Ken Griffey, Jr. Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox
CF 1988–2010 $151,703,682 [48]
Todd Helton Colorado Rockies 1B 1998– $151,590,000 [49]
Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees
Houston Astros
SP 1984–2007 $150,601,000 [50]
Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays
Florida Marlins
New York Mets
1B 1993–2011 $146,299,000 [51]
Pedro Martínez Los Angeles Dodgers
Montreal Expos
Boston Red Sox
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
SP 1992–2010 $146,259,585 [52]
Mike Mussina Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees
SP 1991–2008 $144,533,619 [53]
Mariano Rivera New York Yankees RP 1995– $144,441,825 [54]
Jim Thome Cleveland Indians
Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers
Minnesota Twins
Baltimore Orioles
1B, DH 1991– $141,461,667 [55]
John Smoltz Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox
St. Louis Cardinals
SP, RP 1988–2009 $135,595,446 [56]
Carlos Beltran Kansas City Royals
Houston Astros
New York Mets
San Francisco Giants
CF, RF 1998- $134,952,782 [57]
Magglio Ordonez Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers
RF 1997– $133,470,746 [58]
Jason Giambi Oakland Athletics
New York Yankees
Colorado Rockies
1B, DH 1995– $131,808,996 [59]

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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