Friday, January 18, 2013

Kind of Creepy

Waterpool has been standing guard over the sink for a week now.  It is creeping me out.  She acts like an animal or reptile is going to come out of the drain at any moment.  Yikes!


The Bug said...

LOL - it's the Drain Monster! Maybe you should rename Waterpool, Calvin or Hobbes :)

sandy said...

that would creep me out too!! If nothing has come out of it, maybe there are noises coming out that no one can here - like pipes expanding contracting, ...who knows..ha.

Have you had any small earthquakes lately?

Winifred said...

They are so funny aren't they. They have some weird habits & sit in some strange places.

One of ours used to really spook me if I was in the house alone and it was really quiet. All of a sudden she'd wake up, sit up and turn her head to the door. I used to be horrified somebody would walk in. Thankfully no one ever did.

Rudee said...

Spider action most likely. She's looking for entertainment.

Gigi Ann said...

OH...That is so funny and cute too. We had a cat that liked to set and watch the birds at the birdfeeders. It was so much fun to watch. They are always entertaining.

Miss Molly, a cat we use to have was afraid of thunder. If she heard it in the distance, off she went to hide in a dark place until there was no thunder.

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