Friday, March 1, 2013

Need Spring!!!

I snapped this photo this morning as I looked outside at yet another icy morning with snow.  I am hoping this little cardinal came to tell me that spring is right around the corner.  I met with our realtor Wed. night to get the ball rolling on selling the house.  He suggested we open the pool asap.  I think we will have to wait until the weather is consistently in the high 40's before we can do that.  So that will slow down the sale of the house for awhile.  I am getting anxious to get the sale started....but dread all the people that will be coming through.  He suggested I take our cat with me every time I leave the house. 

I went to CRHP this past weekend with a group of women.  It stands for Christ Renews His Parish.  My husband went on one several years ago.  It was a nice retreat.  I like all retreats really.  The only bad thing...was that one of the ladies sent us emails saying that she had been diagnosed with strep throat on Monday after we got back home...which means she was contagious over the weekend.  I got a sore throat on Thursday and didn't get off the couch all day and night.  Today I feel a little better ...although still very sleepy for some reason.   I missed seeing my baby girls this week.  The photos above are from last Friday when I had them.  They played dress up with some old dresses they found.  And we worked a cool puzzle.  They are the light of my life!


The Bug said...

Oh boy I need spring too! I'm posting a picture of a robin on my P365 on Sunday. We really have them most of the year, but I can't help but feel that spring is around the corner when I see one.

The girls are too cute. And I want to work a puzzle! It's on my list of things to do before I turn 50 LOL. I love them, but our kitchen table is usually too full of stuff to use for puzzles. I'm gonna clear that thing off SOON!

Rudee said...

That's a beautiful picture you snapped!

I've never really been on a retreat, but I can imagine it's quite rejuvenating. I hope you didn't pick up strep, Brenda!

I don't envy you the process of selling your home. It's a pain in the behind to have strangers traipsing in and out, not to mention the headache of taking the cat with you every time you leave. Can't you just crate her in the house? If someone should be allergic, they'll be allergic if she is there or not as she leaves a bit of herself everywhere. I would try crating her. I can see the pool dilemma. With this awful and lingering winter (lying groundhog), it would be crazy to open it too soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better. The girls are adorable in their dress up !
I went on a couple of retreats many years ago. They were great but I have a problem with homesickness and sharing rooms with others.. (I snore :) )
Just the thought of selling our house gives me the hives.. Not the selling but the home prep.. Good luck.
I love your photo. That bird is not something we see around Phoenix.. So beautiful.

sandy said...

hi - quick peek while i'm cooking dinner - waiting for pasta to the photo of the girls. good luck on the house sale! will check back later to see what else i might have missed.

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