Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hubby and I went for a walk......

Yesterday I felt like I was enormous (fat)...which I am....but yesterday I felt especially huge.  I told Bob I would like to get outdoors and go for a walk.  The weather was unusually nice yesterday  We decided on a walk around the Zoo.    I felt as slow as this tortoise...but I know it did me some good.  We took our time and enjoyed seeing a few animals we had not seen before.  Since this blog has more or less become my photo album...I will post our day here.

We went into the reptile house.  I haven't been in there in years.  I am not a fan of snakes or spiders...not that spiders are reptiles of course.  Those are just two of my least favorite creatures.  The lizards and iguanas and turtles are fine from a distance.  I think the photo above is of a Jamacian Iguana but I could have my signs mixed up.  I tried to take a photo of the sign with the animal.  I was surprised that there are so many that are endangered.  This one is critically were some others.  

Here is a mini aligator hiding behind this tree.

And here is a real one.  They look so dinosauery looking.  I just made that word up.

This is a not so good angle of a colorful duck.  There was no sign to tell me what kind.  Hang on I will google it. could be a Mandarin duck or a Wood duck.  Or something else.  It is me.  I can not believe people eat ducks.  Yuck!

And here we see a meeting of the pelicans...or I think pelicans.  No I think pelicans have large pouches under their mouths.  Well...I think maybe they are storks.

Here is one.. resting or ...nesting.


I thought this was a gazelle but the sign says....Mountain Bongo.


They seem delicate and vulnerable next to these guys and girls.

Come on....wake up already!

They spent some time licking each other like little cats do and then settled in next to each other.

This smaller giraffe was wanting to come closer to the fence where are the people were.

The larger one came running to see what the fuss was all about.

The smaller one looks like..."Are you following me?"

I think I saw a man throw some grass his way and he sniffed it out.  It is funny... because most people know "not" to feed the animals or get too close to them....but some of us animal lovers just can't control ourselves sometimes.  Like some little kids were yelling at the lions to "Wake up"  

As I post these photos...I was thinking it would be great to have someone film what a "day at the zoo" is like....for the people who feed these animals and take care of them.  A friend recently emailed me a video about the Clydesdales...  told by a  man that had taken care of them most of his life.  It was really interesting.  I think I will try and add that video in at the end of my blog post.

Here was an animal I had never seen nor heard of before.  An Okapi.


Except for the coloring on their legs and head ....they blend in with the rocks.

Almost forgot to add this guy.  He has teeth that come out on the sides of his mouth.  Scary...but I guess he needs them that way.  Sometimes  you wonder what God was thinking when he created all these interesting animals, reptiles, insects...etc...etc.

And last but not least....a Softshell Turtle.

Our trip came to a close...when we became hungry
 and wanted to eat at one of favorite delis on "The Hill".

And now for the grand finale of the story of the "Clydesdales".


The Bug said...

You're so funny - you sound like me trying to identify things. I'm always asking Mike, "What WAS that thing?"

I love the duck - so pretty. Looks like it's wearing one of those colorblock sweaters :)

Rudee said...

Something tells me it's all happenin' at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it's true.

MmmmMMMmmm. MMMmmmMMMmmm

Looks like spring to me. Not here tho.

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