Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh Dear...

I wanted to write a post today and started to talk about the weather for a  beginning point....and then stumbled upon this image from the weather channel.  This led me to this scary article.  It made me I am sure it does most of us who would stumble upon it.  Our mid west weather has been bizarre in the last few years.  One never knows whether to turn on the heat, air conditioner, open up the windows or head for shelter. Right now we are having flood warnings daily.  Roads are closing.  A few days of hot sun would probably help. that I have the weather conversation over with I will talk about what is happening in my little world.  We have decided to delay selling the house for awhile.  Just trying to dejunk it all and get it ready for people to walk through and see if they want it....was really stressing me out.  It may take at least a year to really get rid of all the stuff we have that makes the house less attractive to someone wanting to move in and make it their own.  We have only lived in 3 homes during our 36 year marriage and have lived in this one for 24 of those 36 years.  The only reason we really need to move is because of the stairs and my knees.  That and it is a lot to take care of.  I guess we will know when the time is right.  It just seems like it may not be now.
I have been watching more movies than I usually do lately.  This week I watched "Life of Pi" and "Slumdog Millionaire".  Both movies were really good and left a big impression with me.  They both reminded me of dreams that I have had...that are really long and feel like.... they are not dreams...but real.  The other night I started watching  "Call The Midwife".  Love that show and can't wait for it's return.  For some reason I have been watching more TV and Movies lately.  It must be for escape...because I am so worn down from the horrors of real life events on the the news.  I am still knitting but not really accomplishing anything worthy of photos.  Next week is the big Quilt Show in Paducah.  I am really looking forward to going again.  It will probably just be a day trip....but I know we will enjoy it.


The Bug said...

Last night we had the air conditioner on because it was stuffy in the house - and today it's 42 degrees outside. Ugh.

I've been trying to read more lately - I have so many books I want to read & yet I sit & play on the computer instead. So I'm trying to make myself get off of the computer at 9:00 every night & read. I'm having mixed results - ha!

I'm glad you're waiting to sell - I could tell that your heart wasn't in it. But don't delay going ahead & decluttering - that way once you guys make that decision it won't be so hard. (Yes, do as I SAY, not as I DO).

Rudee said...

It's hard work to get a house ready for sale. Moving is always a nice opportunity to declutter your life, but it's hard!

During those meteor showers last August, I know we saw something bigger than a far off shooting star. It was loud and bright. So much wilderness out there though, so who would know if something like that made landfall. It was remarkable.

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