Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Main Street Parade today.  This is Bob and a fellow Knights of Columbus Honor Guard marching.

He looks way too hot and tired here.  I wish he would ride on the float next year!


 The Hess Family


Rudee said...

What a lovely way to spend the day! Bob looks very hot indeed. That's a lot of attire for the season, but they do look handsome there!

The girls are so grown up. When did that happen?

The Bug said...

I agree with Rudee - he does look hot, but it's a really cool outfit! The girls are just TOO CUTE! Especially missy with her shades on :)

sandy said...

I loved seeing all these great photos - and the girls are adorable!

looks like such a wonderful town parade.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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