Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just a few photos of my day.......


On Tuesday mornings I go to St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles  to do my volunteer work as a Pastoral Care Eucharist Minister.  Today I decided to take a few photos of an area outside.  It is well cared for and very pleasant to just sit and meditate on my many blessings.

I have been extremely tired lately.  I have already told my Dr. about it and none of the results from the blood panel indicated anything abnormal for thyroid, diabetes, or other things that could cause tiredness.  I have days when I wake up and do one or two things and then want to go to sleep.  I looked up a few things on the internet and see that Chronic Fatigue could be something I have.  It is so hard to tell.  I hope I regain some energy again soon...because I sure don't get very much accomplished lately.  The only thing I have an interest in is reading.  I started reading a new series of Jack Reacher books by Lee Child.  I am on the first one and will probably read the series.  I saw where a movie or TV series has been made about some of the books.


The Bug said...

That is a LOVELY meditation area!

I read the first Reacher book a few months ago - I need to see if I can track down the 2nd one (I do the audio ones for my commute).

Hope you get your energy back soon. I'm feeling somewhat sluggish myself. Wonder if my blood pressure meds are the culprit for me...

RWV said...

Nice photos.

sandy said...

Nice area there.

Hope you get that energy back soon.

Winifred said...

What beautiful photos Brenda. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Looks a gorgeous place, the statues of Our Lady of Fatima are so lovely.

Hope that you feel better soon.

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