Friday, August 2, 2013

Craft Day

 The girls and I had a low key craft day today.  We made circles and triangles for ice cream cones.  Maddie pasted a 15 scoop one.  Then we made some lollipops and some cookies, and the bottom square is a weaved paper whatever.  Maddie weaved it and Kayla put stickers on some  squares. 

I had to go to the doctor the other day and was the Walgreens's Clinic.  I had never gone there before...but I heard it was similar to urgent care.  They asked way too many questions for me.  I had a really painful ear ache and just wanted to hurry up and find out the problem.  I did have an ear infection and got antibiotics for it.  The Dr or Nurse Practitioner....asked me what my occupation was.  I said "Grandma".  She laughed and said..."Really?!?!.....I didn't know that was an occupation.  I said...."Well now you know!"   I love my little girls!


sandy said...

Such cute crafty kids! Love what they did.

I didn't know Walgreen's has a clinic. I have gotten prescriptions there but never knew I could get an exam.

Although hopefully I won't need an exam for a long time. I had my year of crappy stuff. I hope I'm done, lol.

The Bug said...

Those girls are lucky to have you as a grandma :)

Hope your ear feels better soon!

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