Monday, August 19, 2013

Lake of the Ozarks Vacation

We had a very nice vacation this year at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Brian and Katy and the girls joined us at a condo we rented for a few days.  The weather was perfect.  No one got  sunburned and I hope everyone had a good time.  I was my usual "overly tired" self which put a damper on things for me personally....but I hope it didn't affect anyone else.

Beautiful scenery of some of the condos and homes along the lake.  I hope they don't mind photos and me posting them here.  They are probably used to everyone taking photos and looking at their beautiful property.    I remember when Bob and I went to Lake Barclay in Kentucky there were similar homes along the lake.

This home looked fairly new and very large!

I loved this view of the dock right by our condo!

These may have been taken on Saturday when there were more boaters out.  We rented a boat on Friday and the lake wasn't terribly crowded that day.

The water really comforts me for some reason.  I love being there and just watching all the boaters.

Here is Bob with Katy and Maddie and Kayla.

This looks like one that I took as it was getting darker outside.

Brian drove the boat most of the time for the 2 hours we had it.  I drove for a little while.

Love this one!  Brian is the Captain and Maddie the First Mate.  She said..."Full steam ahead!"

I really love this photo also.  It looks a little European.

Grandpa got his share of hugs over the weekend.

These photos are a little out of order....oh well.  We played miniature golf on Saturday.

Grandpa and Maddie share some time on the balcony on Saturday morning.

Awwww....back to the golf photos.  Brian helping Kayla.

I think kids had fun.  I think this may have been their first time playing...not sure.

Maddie kept wanting me to cheer like it was a baseball game.  I told her golf was a quiet game.

 A few photos at the end when they got their pirate hats.  They love to make faces when they get their photo taken....and or...pose like models sometimes.


RWV said...

Thanks for posting.

RWV said...

Thanks for posting.

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