Friday, October 18, 2013

A Few Updates

Maddie experienced her first Country Fair last weekend.  She seemed to really enjoy it.  It was pretty hot outside so we stayed inside most of the time.  Katy and Brian worked a booth for a few hours.

We were in the cafeteria for awhile and Maddie showed us where she ate her lunch.  She sits at the peanut free table because she is till allergic to peanuts.  She said having us all there was like having the "adults come to school day ".  She is doing so well at school.  Very friendly and has learned to read already in just 2 short months.  She got her first award for being a "Good Listener".  I get to pick her up off and on depending on Brian and Katy's schedule.


The day before the fair was Caleb's 3rd birthday Party.  It was held at Theis Pumpkin Patch.  Getting photos at the party table was difficult but I managed to get this one.  Caleb is the grandson of my friend Linda who I worked with at Wee Ones for a few years.  Our daughters became friends and went to Truman State together and later became room mates and Maid of Honor in each others weddings.  He hasn't attended a pre-school yet.  Grandma and been caring for him.  I haven't seen Linda since we became Grandmas.  We used to try and get together every so often for lunch or whatever...but we have been extra busy since our little ones arrived.  Now we see each other at Caleb's Birthday parties. 

This is Hannah and Maddie and Kayla.  Hannah is the daughter of Amber Peterson who went to school with Katy at Sacred Heart and Duchesne High.   

 Kayla....the little actress.  She hears music and starts to move.  She is a singer and dancer!

Brave Maddie.  Zip lining over and over.  She loves outdoor activities.

After a few walks around I wanted to join this guy for a nap.

My babies greeted me when they saw me at the party.
They made it to the top!


RWV said...

Nice post.

Winifred said...

At Last I can leave comments. I've tried a few times but have been blocked so pleased I can now. I've been meaning to email but as usual forget.

What gorgeous photos & what lovely weather you have. Lovely memories there Brenda. That sheep looks so comfortable & makes a great picture.

We're hoping to get some warm weather soon. Off on a cruise to Fort Lauderdale via Nassau, St Marten & St Thomas. Never been to the Caribbean so I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll get some nice photos I can post.

sandy said...

Enjoyed your post and seeing the girls - they are so cute and as a gramma i can imagine how proud you are of them.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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