Friday, January 18, 2013

Kind of Creepy

Waterpool has been standing guard over the sink for a week now.  It is creeping me out.  She acts like an animal or reptile is going to come out of the drain at any moment.  Yikes!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on what I have been doing...

We took down the tree last Sunday and all of the Christmas decor.   My life has become very busy the past few months.  I no longer watch the grand kids as often as I did in the past, so I have filled up my time with
1. Monday- Appointments or errand running
2.. Tuesday- Hospital volunteer.. Extraordinary Minister 
Tuesday evening- RCIA sponsor
3. Wednesday- Homework for Bible Study
4. Thursday- Praying the Rosary at Oak Tree Retirement Village
Thursday evening- Bible Study
5. Friday-  Cleaning the house and running errands
6. Saturday- Legion of Mary
7. Sunday- Mass and Family time.
The past month or so have also been busy with holiday parties.  Mostly through our church activities.  Our church has become our second home or maybe our first.  We still sleep here and eat here and do our wash, etc.  
I have also been watching more TV than I usually do as I work on some knitting projects.  The project I am currently working on right now is a very large afghan that Katy can use as a back drop for her photography of newborns.  I have watched "The Tudors",  Interesting.... but I heard the people behind the scenes.. did not follow history...very accurately.  And there was way way way too much nudity, and sexual activity.)  Even others...who wrote reviews on it said the same thing....and I am pretty sure these reviewers  are not as much of a prude as  I am about all this in movies these days.    It is a shame....because the acting and costumes and scenery were so good otherwise.
I just started watching "Homeland" yesterday and like it so far.  And I am happy about "Downton Abbey" coming back on.  
I wish I had more time to blog...but so far I haven't squeezed it in.  I may just do an occasional boring update like this one......

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever