Monday, February 11, 2013


 Maddie turned 5 about a month ago.  I can't believe how fast time is going by.  

Here they both are at our house...attending "Grandma's School".  They love playing pretend games,

Wow.  Just a couple of weeks ago we had decided to take a trip to Italy in November for 11 days.  Today I signed a contingent contract with a builder to build us a new house.  So now we are thinking we will not be going to Italy after all.  We have talked for some time now...about downsizing and having a ranch instead of a 2 story home.  Our daughter told us we could buy a lot right behind them and the grand kids begged....and well...we did it.  Now we have to work like crazy to get this one ready to sell and stick up the FOR SALE sign up in the yard.  The young woman at the sales office at the new place kept saying..."Oh I am so excited for you!"  I couldn't muster up very much excitement to tell you the truth.  I know I should be and.....maybe further down the road....I will be...but right just feels like something we need to do.  This house we are living in has just gotten to be too much to take care of and maintain with all of the weird things that seem to go wrong.  Like....siding around the fireplace that has blown off about three different times in the past few years.  We have put a lot of money into repairs the last few years just seems like it  is time for a change.  My knees will never be perfect again because I have arthritis in both knees.  I have known so many people who have had knee replacements and many times it is just a temporary painful process.  My hips have been bothering me and I can't walk or stand for long periods of time....because I have bone loss in my hips and my pelvis is crooked.  I have kept myself very busy though, doing volunteer work at the hospital one day a week and going to nursing homes once or twice a week to pray the rosary with them.  Also...I still have a few days a week I pick up the kids from school.  They are at a very very cute age right now, and I  so love being with them.  Soon we will be living right behind them and I can watch them more often.  I am going on a weekend retreat for women at our church next weekend and I hope it will give me a spiritual boost to endure all the changes that will taking place in these next few months.......

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever