Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where for art thou.......warmer days and blooming things

I think just about everyone.... everywhere.... in the country is really.... really tired of this dreadful weather.  I am..... and yet at the same time I know that spring and summer bring about lots and lots of yard work and pool care.  I swear I am not getting lazy.  I am just getting older and would rather rest more than work.
It wouldn't surprise me...if the weather this year...skips spring and goes straight to summer heat and humidity.  I am just full of positive thoughts this evening...aren't I?  Sorry....I just had to put something up because I was tired of looking at the last post.....


The Bug said...

Amen to being tired of the weather! And we're supposed to get another snow storm this evening...

sandy said...

I love that photo! For us, we are in a drought BUT we have had some snow although very light - some rain - about an inch or so last week and now more rain coming. Our lake up here is looking so pretty and filling up to its spring height nicely.

Today I'm sitting on my bed and it is foggy, about 35 degrees. The birds I normally see out my window are not very active today.

I miss your postings - take care and hope the spring is mild and not too much yard work for you when it gets here. Are you still planning on moving in near future.

Winifred said...

I know what you mean Brenda.

I seem to need more sleep now than I did when I was young. The doctor laughed when I told her & she just said sleep as much as you like some people can't sleep so be grateful. The problem is I get so little done. It's afternoon before I "get myself pulled together" as my Nanna used to day.

We've been very lucky with our weather this winter. No floods like they've has in the south, and no snow at all, In fact we've hardly had any frosts. Weird!

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