Monday, June 16, 2014

Swimming Fun and Other Events

Some swimming fun with the girls this morning.  First they wanted to get the bugs out because Kayla is pretty afraid of bugs.

I look at this picture and scratch my head wondering how Maddie grew up so fast.  I remember her first swim here at around 6 months old.  Sob....

The floating sisters.  They were trying to do ballet swimming and I was so tempted to find some of the old Ester Williams films with synchronized swimming.  I used to love those movies. Maybe I will try and get them to watch one of those old films someday.  I don't think they make any movies like any more.  I hope someone will someday.  I am really tired of all the violent and fowl language movies.

And here is Maddie's list of breakfast foods she likes.  She is kind of a picky eater and I never know what to make for her.  So here is my list!  The last thing is sugar crush.  She said she has been wanting to try it ever since she saw "Wreck It Ralph".

And here is a picture that Maddie made for her Daddy.  Everything has a reason for being there...but I have forgotten what it all means.

And last but not least is Groovy Girl.

Also Groovy Girl's sister.


The Bug said...

They are SO CUTE! And I love the breakfast list. I'd like some bacin right now :)

sandy said...

aw fun photos!! Loved seeing the girls and i like that art! Nicely done.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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