Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer fun with the kiddos.....

This was the last week of swim lessons for the girls.  Kayla's teacher injured his foot, so Kayla had a new teacher.  She was a little more demanding than Joe.  I overheard her tell Kayla that she had to try some of the things.  At first I didn't think it was going to go well....but by the end of the lesson I saw that Kayla was more relaxed and she did actually rest her head down to try and float.  The young lady is showing Kayla how to pretend swim in the photo above.  My guess is that this is a technique to get her to try things on her own...even if it is just walking in the water and pretending to swim.

You can see her reluctance here to relax her head.

 Even if it was just for a short while.   
This was the first time.. that I know of.... that she has done this.

Maddie has really learned a lot this year.  Here she is swimming with her face in the water.

And here she is swimming without the support of the noodle.

On Friday....we decided to go on a nature hunt in our yard.  
We have lambs wool, or lambs ear, plants all over the outside of the fence.  
Kayla really liked that one the best.  
It is very a soft  animal. 

Lambs ear on Maddie's ear.

Shhh...don't tell the neighbors....we picked some apples from their tree.

I don't think they will miss them.

Maddie wanted to press her findings in a they would last forever.

Here are Kayla's favorite finds.

Almost forgot this one.  Maddie is sharing with Kayla.

This is the first time.. in a long time... that Waterpool has let Maddie pick her up and hold her.

And last... but not is a work book page Maddie was doing. She must have become bored...because she started trying to see how small she could write. 
 #10 is very very small.  
I don't know how she did it!


The Bug said...

Aw you're such a great grandma! (not a greatgrandma - that's something else entirely - ha!). Loved the nature walk :)

sandy said...

first off i had to laugh at the small writing - very clever, ha! Loved seeing all the photos - they are great and that one with Maddie and Waterpool is so sweet! Looks like a fun nature walk - I would have loved it had I been a kid doing that - or even now!

sandy said...

Love all the photos - ( I thought I commented here - must be losing my marbles, ha.) I love that photo of Maddie with Waterpool!!

So glad you are blogging again.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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