Thursday, July 3, 2014

What a Man!

June 25th was our 37th wedding anniversary.  Bob surprised me with a dozen large red roses.  I feel bad because I didn't get him anything....yet.  I saved the petals and I am thinking about doing something with them to preserve them or something crafty.  Love that guy!


The Bug said...

What a sweetie! Good for him - and congratulations!

sandy said...

Beautiful flowers. Preserving is cool! A few times I sketched quickly a bouquet of flowers so now when I see the sketch I remember the beautiful roses my son Sam brought me once on my birthday - or ...the blue lillies John got me and my sister one year for mothers' day ...Bob is a great guy it sounds like - in so many ways from what I've read in the past on your blog.

I noticed you have an old blog of mine (birds bees blossoms) on your side bar. I don't post anymore there. I started a part 2 of that same blog.

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