Monday, December 29, 2014

A Year Gone by ALREADY!!!!

Wow!  Time flies when you get to be my age!  As we approach the end of 2014....I ponder what our New Year might bring.  As far as resolutions go....well...I do think about them.  Usually thinking about as far as I get.  Ha!  I found this image above and saw a few I liked.  Get organized.  I have been working on that these past few months and hope to keep plowing through to the finish.  Helping others.  I try my best ....most of the time.  Learn something new.  I really like that!  I love learning.  Get out of debt.   Well...we keep trying...but things keep breaking!  I have already discussed  this with Bob.  I need to get it all on paper...and come up with a plan.  Exercise. daily housework is exercise.  More family time.  We are very fortunate to have our family around us.  I am thankful everyday for this!  Losing weight.  Well....that is a problem for me.  I don't drink alcohol or no problems there.  Enjoy Life More.  This is the one I want to work on more.  I am not sure how though.  I already enjoy the things I reading, sewing, knitting, and computer activities.  I have stopped enjoying....or maybe never really, cleaning, shopping,  all those routine things you need to do.  One thing I think about from time to how many of our friends and acquaintances have passed away in the past few years.   Knowing that...with age...our time shortens.....makes me want to do more of what I like doing...and less of what I don't like doing.  Okay.....we will go out to eat everyday....and I won't clean the house.  Let's see how that works out!  Sorry family......


Winifred said...

That was good Brenda. Know exactly what you mean I hate housework & cooking nowadays, seems such a waste of time.
I'm trying to travel as much as I can before my time runs out! Main problem is trying to persuade my husband to agree. He always enjoys it once we go but getting him to agree to book a holiday isn't easy. Last month I talked about a cruise I fancied but as usual he hummed and hawed but for once I just ignored him & booked it. So in March we're flying to San Francisco & picking up a Panama Canal cruise back to Southampton. Just hope he enjoys it!

sandy said...

i hope you enjoy whatever it is you do and just keep doing it! Oh and about those home repairs - so glad we are renters now - we always dropped so much money down a black hole when we had a big house that had an issue every so often.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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